217 Lincoln

Blazing their way onto the fashion map is 217 Lincoln, a new luxury men’s made-to-measure online retailer. The line boasts superior quality, drape, and fit compared to other luxury brands and modern fits.  The line is designed for men between 25-45 who are killing it in their careers and need a wardrobe to match. The target market is the man who has trudged his way through the mud that is the obstacle ridden path to success. 217 Lincoln is the epitome of luxury, offering products made with luxury fabrics such as Super 220’s and Super 150’s. Image is everything – 217 Lincoln’s signature dark red lining in it’s suits represent the burning desire all men bound for success have to succeed. It takes desire backed by persistence to be successful, show that you have what it takes by stocking your closet with 217 Lincoln’s luxury wear.

To celebrate the launch of their new business, 217 Lincoln is hosting an online soft opening, running until their official Kickstarter, set to launch on Tuesday, April 25th.


217 Lincoln is an appointment-only made-to-measure master suit maker.  Appointments are made through purchase or by contacting the owner, Jenn Forsyth, by email at jenn@217lincoln.com.  Their manufacturer is in it’s third generation of master tailors, and products are made with superior, high-quality fabrics. Tom Ford and Gucci offer suits made of cotton, cotton/wool blends and wool. 217 Lincoln, on the other hand, offer suits made of wool/cashmere blends and silk linings. Using 17 different measurements around the body, 217 Lincoln works with the customer to create the perfect fit.


What sets 217 Lincoln apart from their competitors? 217 Lincoln is looking to bring superior fabrics, from Super 150’s to Super 220’s (formerly only available to the super rich), to the public at regular luxury pricing. Suits made of Super 220’s cost $10,500 from competitor William Fioravanti, but 217 Lincoln’s Aurelius Super 220’s Suit starts at $4,125 – less than half the price of competitors. Suits made of Super 150’s cost $4,500 from competitor H. Huntsman, while 217 Lincoln’s Aurelius Super 150’s Suit starts at $3,025.


Want to upgrade your full wardrobe? Save 5% or more off regular priced items by purchasing a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes allow customers to customize their wardrobe with multiple made to measure pieces. With the purchase of a wardrobe box, customers have the choice in fabrics and customization of their box. Appointments for 217 Lincoln made-to-measure suits and wardrobe boxes are made by purchase on the website, or by emailing Jenn@217Lincoln.com. Detroit area appointments are offered in-person with a personal styling team. Once ordered, a personal stylist will be in contact within 24 hours to schedule a virtual appointment, which will guide the customer through measurements and fabric selections. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact 217 Lincoln, as they would be more than happy to help you customize what you are looking for.


What better way to celebrate the launch of 217 Lincoln than with some collaborations!? This luxury startup would love the assistance of spreading the word of their unique brand. Let’s get creative and collaborate! Whether it be a giveaway on your blog or Instagram, or a trade (product for photos + postings) – if you or someone you know are interested in collaborating, please reach out to Jenn@217Lincoln.com. We look forward to working with you!


217 Lincoln, LLC was born with the idea of bringing the highest quality fabrics in the world directly to customers. Their products offer a superior quality, drape, and fit than other luxury brands. Other luxury brands typically use cotton, cotton wool blends, or wool in their products. 217 Lincoln uses Super 220’s and Super 150’s. The team behind 217 Lincoln wants to give their customers supreme luxury because they’re worth it. 217 Lincoln is an appointment-only made to measure luxury clothier.  Virtual appointments are made through purchase or email.  Don’t see what you’re looking for? The team will do their best to bring the customer’s vision to life. Email Jenn@217Lincoln.com to inquire.