Everyone occasionally suffers from dry mouth, but it’s estimated that one in five adults in the UK may be affected by Xerostomia, or persistent dry mouth. Underpinning its commitment to providing advanced and ground-breaking bad breath and oral healthcare solutions, Dr Harold Katz and his No 1 breath care brand The Breath Company in the USA has launched a revolutionary and world’s first dry mouth rinse to contain natural flower derivatives and moisturisers.

 If left untreated, dry mouth can create difficulties with tasting, chewing, swallowing and speaking, and can increase the chance of developing dental decay because saliva helps keep harmful germs that cause cavities and other oral infections in check. A dry mouth is also usually a smelly one, especially if not cared for. The Breath Company Dry Mouth Rinse £14.00 from Boots and is clinically proven to be naturally effective at controlling and soothing dry mouth conditions without drying alcohol or staining compounds.

Designed to work instantly, and to keep working for hours to keep the mouth moist using it’s specialist moisturising technology, The breath Company Dry Mouth Rinse works on all types of dry mouth conditions (Xerostomia) and contains no harsh ingredients including alcohol, detergents, artificial flavours, colours, animal products, or gluten.

Dr Katz Tips on Keeping Your Mouth Moist 

  •  Drink MORE water (between 6 – 8 glasses a day
  •  Avoid smoking
  •  Speak to your pharmacist or GP if your medication is causing dry mouth
  •  Avoid alcohol
  •  Avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol (some have up to 27%). Try the Breath Company Dry Mouth Rinse
  •  Avoid sugar
  •  Look for xylitol the preferred non-sucrose ingredient in gum and mints
  •  The Breath Company Dry Mouth Lozenges use xylitol plus a natural salivary stimulant to keep your mouth moist for a very long time
  •  Avoid spicy and/or acidic foods

The Breath Company Dry Mouth Rinse is available in Boots stores nationwide and online at, priced at £14.00