by Dean Jones, Dean Jones Hairdressing

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Kate Middleton’s signature bouncy curls have been popular ever since she came into the public eye and you can actually re-create this gorgeous look at home by following these simple steps.

It is really important to always start by prepping your hair, I like to use the Wella Professional Velvet Amplifier. A few pumps of this velvety primer distributed through damp hair will make your hair much more manageable and allow your hair to hold its style all day. When blow drying your hair, you need to add as much volume as possible. It’s best to dry your hair away from your face to add lots of lift, you can even blow-dry your hair upside down for extra oomph.

Once your hair is dry, grab your curling iron to tong your hair section at a time, add some Wella Professional Thermal Image before styling to nourish your hair and protect it against the heat. As Kate’s curls are always bouncy, a curling tong with a bigger barrel tends to work best. Start from the top of your head and work towards your neck, making sure you curl your hair away from your face and remember not to touch the curls at this point.

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With all of your hair tonged, take a pea sized amount of Wella Professional’s Luminous Smoothening Oil and work it through the ends of your hair to tame any flyaways and add that mirror shine that Kate Middleton wears so well. Whilst applying the oil to your ends, use your fingers to separate the curls and allow your hair to fall naturally.

As Kate’s hair looks smooth and glossy, you don’t want to add to much hairspray. To add just the right amount of hold, spray just a fine mist of Wella Professional’s Flexible Finish to hold your style without altering your finished look.