Cranes was created by two twins, Ben and Dan from Cambridgeshire, both who share a passion for all things cranberry. The journey started a few years ago when the Cranes twins were separated for the first time, taking off on their own adventures and heading off to university. With Dan in Leeds and Ben in Exeter they both enjoyed a drink and explored their options. In the West Country, Ben enjoyed the wonders of ciders, while Dan experimented with anything and everything. But what led these two regular brothers to create a brand that would soon revival many well-known cider brands?

After experimenting with all types of drinks, Ben and Dan turned to Cranberries for their notorious reputation of being tart and extremely healthy. After being reunited, the twins started to discuss their findings, merging together their love of cider with the healthy properties of Cranberries, to create a new and exciting range of Cranberry Ciders. With 6 months of testing and perfecting their recipe, Cranes was born, now offering 3 delicious flavours to their collection.

This new range is created using only the finest cranberries alongside apples, resulting in a refreshingly crisp cider to be enjoyed again and again.  To ensure only the best ingredients go into their ciders, Ben and Dan visited Wisconsin, known as America’s cranberry country, meeting the producers and gaining a real understanding of the processes involved in growing these deliciously tart berries.  But Cranes new range of ciders don’t just taste great, they are also naturally light, using the natural sweetness of fruit, rather than packing their bottles full of added sugar. With a mission to create a healthy yet delicious alcohol alternative, the Cranes Twins offer a collection of ciders that are a whopping 30% less calories then the leading brands.

Flavours showcased in this new range include: Cranberry & Lime, Blueberry & Apple, Raspberry & Pomegranate or you can try them all in a new mixed pack, for the ultimate taste experience. With a light and refreshing taste, these ciders are the perfect companion to your next BBQ, festival or garden party this summer. Enjoy in the garden on a warm summer day and truly enjoy the fresh taste on offer from Cranes.

Cranes Cranberry ciders are available in 500ml bottles with an alcohol content of 4%. You can pick up a 12 pack of each flavour, or a mixed pack, online for £27.96 from Cranes.