Giorgio Armani Creates The SÌ Women’s Circle

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any women have had the courage and audacity to embark on a new path, to choose the road less traveled, to blaze a new trail.  Why? What motivated them to do so?

A dream, an inexorable desire, a passion.

Women find their voice through various ways. The women chosen by Giorgio Armani don’t fight against something but rather for themselves, finding strength to overcome obstacles and to pursue different courses in life. To choose a different destiny, one of passion and tolerance, of the independent spirit typical of the women of our time, of freedom and love, of work and family life, of emotions, hesitation, choice. A woman who allows herself to be who she is, who celebrates who she is: strong and sensitive, deep and lighthearted, enterprising and thoughtful. These are the dualities that shape today’s woman, simple and complex, bold and natural, elegant and graceful. An Armani woman, the Sì woman. The scent of passion, freedom, commitment, and femininity.

Giorgio Armani gives a voice to today’s women.

After the success of the digital video The Courage to Say Sì, the doors of dialogue have been opened with women from all walks of life, around the world, whose only connection is to have found the inner strength to say Sì to their dreams, Sì to themselves, and to have found the courage and commitment to fully live their passion.

The Sì Women’s Circle is this open dialogue between women, an opportunity for them to share their stories, their “Sì” with each other.

To inaugurate the Sì Women’s Circle, an initial video with Cate Blanchett, inviting women to say “Sì” will be posted the 1st of March on YouTube, the brand site, and the social networks.

Celebrated Australian actress Cate Blanchett, ambassadress for Giorgio Armani’s fragrance Sì, has already won two Academy Awards © and is nominated again this year for the movie Carol, directed by Todd Haynes.

For the Sì Women’s Circle’s first edition, 5 women from around the world, all of who said “Sì”, tell their life stories in 5 fascinating videos, to be found on the brand website, Youtube and social networks.


Skull Bad Boy: Dark side of the Skull

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kull. Bad. Boy.

Need we say more? The name really says it all. Its appearance speaks volumes, yet masks a stunning complexity. There’s more to the skull than meets the eye! Back to black.

One would naturally assume that the starting point for the Skull Bad Boy was the skull itself, unveiled by HYT in 2015. Not so. The creative impetus actually came from the new liquid which surrounds it.

This is not a simple aesthetic variation. This opaque black, so simple to look at, took more than 12 months to develop. Like the four other colours developed by HYT, the black version has its own chemical properties. These affect attributes such as viscosity, expansion coefficient and UV resistance.

Its creation meant going back to scratch. The goal? to create a fluid able to adapt to the constraints of an HYT movement, which does not adhere to the wall of the capillary, can hold a meniscus and does not interact on a molecular level with the elements it comes into contact with. The result was achieved in autumn 2015 before undergoing several weeks of testing to confirm its chemical stability.



Chemistry was one concern, but aesthetics was another. Creating a black fluid is not without its problems: whilst the other colours created by HYT are able to reflect all or some of the light they receive, black absorbs everything. The inevitable result is that it is impossible to read the time on the Skull Bad Boy in the dark.

It was a deliberate decision“, explains Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT. “There were other solutions which would have made the piece visible at night. But if we wanted to play with the darkness inherent to the Skull Bad Boy, we had to go all the way. Night is part of the world of shadows and darkness. Perfectly in tune with the spirit of the skull“.

Neuchâtel – Damascus

To go with this new black liquid, HYT wanted to create a skull with the distinctive appearance of Damascus steel, used for knives and Samurai swords. The dial comprises two half-moons decorated with the Clous de Paris stud pattern. Its indexes are created in a Gothic font, complementing the Skull Bad Boy’s hard rock look. Its matte black 51 mm case, made from fully microblasted DLC titanium, is attached to a brand new buffed alligator strap with hints of slate grey. It has a velcro clasp so that it can be adjusted to fit on a leather biker jacket“, says Vincent Perriard with a smile.

The Skull is coated with a new composite material, created to resemble Damascus steel. A foundry in the Neuchâtel region created the raw material: multiple layers of steel and carbon are folded in on themselves a total of 256 times! This material is cast in batches of five skulls, no two of which will ever be identical.

The result is an ever-changing interplay of its two component materials. The steel is an eye-catching grey, whilst the black colour of the carbon is revealed by a chemical abrasion process. In its unfinished state, the Skull has countless tiny crevasses, evidence of the intense exertions it has undergone in the foundry. HYT levels the surface then covers it with a translucent layer of varnish.

All the functionalities of the original Skull have been preserved. The power reserve indicator sits in the right eye socket, which gets darker as the piece reaches the end of its 65-hour power reserve. The left eye socket houses the seconds disc, permanently, imperceptibly, turning.

The Skull Bad Boy is available as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

MUJOSH Debuts at Milano Eyewear Show

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nnovative fashion eyewear brand MUJOSH debuts at Milano Eyewear Show (MIDO 2016) as it presents itself and a slice of its major marketing campaign of year 2016 – ‘Injection’, at Hall MORE!, a dedicated space where it demonstrates the trends and future of the eyewear world and shows creativity, vision and innovation in the industry.

“Coming to MIDO is an exciting move for our international business development,” said Alan Chen, Founder of MUJOSH. “This is a young brand that started its international expansion at the beginning of 2015. MUJOSH products are now being sold mostly in ChinaThailandMalaysiaAustralia and France, and we would like to take the opportunity of coming to MIDO to further expand our international business.”

Different from all the existing spatial design, MUJOSH brought a brand new concept for the visitors at MIDO 2016. “Our new marketing campaign – Injection – is going to be launched soon, and this time at MIDO we are showing a slice of what’s to be expected to our visitors,” stated Grace Zhang, General Manager of International Business Division of Photosynthesis Group. “MUJOSH is a warm brand. The idea is to ‘inject’ a splash of colour to our customers’ lives, to brighten them up and to share every moment with them.”

Founded in 2010 by a group of young creative rule-breakers who believe glasses are not only tools to improve eyesight, but also fashion accessories to differentiate wearers and make them stand out from the crowd, MUJOSH is deeply loved by fashion icons and wearers.


Established in 2010, MUJOSH is an innovative fashion eyewear brand headquartered in Hong Kong. Boldly combining unique elements and styles into design, the dedicated and iconic fashion brand has an attitude of its own. Appreciating creative ideas, valuing the value of handicraft, cherishing the original touch of materials, MUJOSH is deeply loved by fashion icons and wearers.

H&M Loves Coachella Collection 2016

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he H&M Loves Coachella collection features a line-up of iconic pieces and freewheeling playfulness. The overall look is about personal style, mixing, not matching, and conveying a message of ease and freedom.

For girls, the collection includes folksy blouses, beaded and fringed tops, allover print jumpsuits, denim cut-offs, and accessory essentials including floppy hats, sunglasses, and flat boots. Hemlines are short and embellishments provide a crafty tingle. For boys, it is all about printed T-shirts and mismatched shirts, bermudas, and denim shorts.

“Last year, H&M was the first brand to team up with Coachella to develop a clothing collection. The success was so rapid and so widespread, we decided to partner again to create an even richer offering this season. We love Coachella because we enjoy its democratic spirit and the bonding experience it creates. To us, Coachella is about using fashion and music to express energy and that is what is reflected in this collection,” says Ross Lydon, designer at H&M.

For the second year, H&M will have a pop-up shop on-site in the H&M tent where festival goers can buy the exclusive collection, take a break from the heat, and enjoy an interactive social experience.


H&M Loves Coachella

H&M Loves Coachella

Liv Tyler & Belstaff Capsule Collection AW16

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orking closely with Delphine, Liv Tyler, Belstaff Brand Ambassador and Creative Contributor, has interpreted the Belstaff spirit and archives by creating a capsule based on contemporary silhouettes and luxurious natural fibres, emphasising a strong and modern femininity.

“I wanted to express strength through outerwear and leather alongside a more feminine sensual side through the softer materials of shearling and silk, and via my fitted silhouettes,” says Tyler. “It is a true amalgam of masculine and feminine. These are the 12 key items every woman should have in their closet.”

The capsule lands in stores in September ’16.


Liv presented the products on mannequins in an intimate space at the AW16 presentation, with her new film for Belstaff, Falling Up, projected onto a wall. In it, Liv retraces the footsteps of 1920s aviatrix Amelia Earhart, one of the first women Belstaff dressed.

Tyler said: “We’d been thinking of ways to tell the story of who the Belstaff woman is – free-spirited, independent, brave. Amelia was the perfect inspiration.”

As well as starring, Tyler reprised her role as Executive Producer, following that of on Outlaws for Belstaff starring David Beckham last year.

Liv and Belstaff were delighted to welcome special guest Tracey Curtis-Taylor, who recently piloted her vintage biplane with open cockpit solo from UK to Australia, following the path of pioneer aviatrix Amy Johnson, whom Belstaff also dressed.


Our Top Christmas Gifts

Now that we’ve overdosed on sugar for Halloween, and frozen our toes off on bonfire night, we can focus all our energy and excitement on Christmas! And what better way to kick off the season than with a sneaky peek at what Liverpool’s Metquarter has to offer?

I’m going to put it out there right now, I’m a complete and utter jewellery addict, and you will inevitably find me lurking under the spotlights in the likes of Mococo, Olivia Divine and Links of London, making endless Christmas lists for my friends and family (to buy for me, not the other way round!).

At the top of my wish list is Links of London’s pretty little sterling silver snowflake charm. Beautiful set on a delicate chain necklace, or added to a collection on a charm bracelet, at £45 it’s not eye wateringly expensive and would make the perfect gift for your bestie. If asking for this yourself and you have varying degrees of expectations, there is also the silver and diamond pave charm for £195, or the 18K yellow gold charm for £395.

#INSPO’s favourite ChloBo has just launched her Love Revolution collection. Perfectly timed for Christmas, I’m in love with the vast use of smokey quartz and white agate for some wintry wonder. The collection is still ideal for the boho lovers out there – I can’t wait to get stacking the beaded charm bracelets – but there’s been a serious injection of glamour into this 70s-inspired collection, with the Revolution necklace (available in gold or silver) as the hero piece.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 15.39.53

Paperchase never fails to deliver at Christmas, and as ever, they have the most fabulous collection of kitsch, vintage-inspired and quirky decorations. I love the nordic-inspired designs, and have my sights set on these wooden snowflake tree decorations (there seems to be a theme this year) along with these copper cookie-cutter fairy lights. If you want something a bit less traditional, check out the surprisingly vast array of flamingo designs (who knew the bird of the summer would still be going so strong at Christmas?) and pair with fluoro baubles and multicoloured owl lights. As ever, I’ll be spending most of my christmas budget on wrapping, wrapping accessories (bits of string with silver jingle bells and a London bus peg, anyone?) and cards. I always ease my spending guilt by opting for sets of the charity cards.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 15.42.29

LK Bennet, Armani Exchange and Hugo Boss will all be here for your Christmas clothing needs, taking you through from Christmas Eve glam, to Christmas day comfort and New Year’s Eve party attire. I’m already dropping hints to the boyfriend about about L K Bennett’s Starla Mini Star Suede Court shoes. Who doesn’t love a star motif at this time of year? The studded design adds a subtle rock chick edge to a classic design, which will amp up my look on NYE. And I’ll be treating myself to the Holly Glitter Flats for the walk home. I may be in agony but I’m still going to look fabulous!

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 15.41.25

Don’t fret boys, Metquarter has an abundance of choice for you too. I’m not going to lie, I came over all a flutter at the sight of the Gieves & Hawkes look book at the press day. I do love a man in a well fitting suit. With the likes of All Saints, Jack Wills, Hugo Boss and Armani Exchange on offer, there’s a style to suit every man. And don’t be afraid to embellish over the Christmas season. I’m loving the selection of ties, pocket squares, bow ties and cravats (oh my, this is why my boyfriend refuses to let me style him!) available at T.M.Lewin, the perfect finishing touches to any self respecting party look.

MAC and Illamasqua are my one-stop shop for stocking fillers. Who can resist the pick and mix choice of eye shadows and lipsticks? Suss out your recipient’s favourite shades, or lead them out of their comfort zone with an exciting new pop of colour. I can spend hours testing out MAC’s Mineralise Eye Shadows and Pigment powders for intensely rich colours (*cough* teal *cough cough*). For myself, I always request a fresh new mascara. This year I’m going to give the Maybelline a rest and try out Illamasqua’s mascara in Raven.

Let’s not forget one of the most important aspects of Christmas… Food! I’ve always loved Harvey Nichol’s food hall, with their iconic grey and vintage-inspired photographic printed packaging. When I worked for the company in my twenties, the almond biscotti was a staple gift for everyone in my family – whether they liked it or not. Looking back, I should have shown a bit more creativity and mixed thing up with the christmas spiced biscuits or some turkish delight, but hey, we live and learn. My sisters, cousin and I chip in together every year to get my grandparents a fancy food hamper from old British favourites – Fortnum and Mason has featured heavily in the past. This year the Harvey Nichols Party Starter Hamper is looking like the winner (no, they won’t be hosting Christmas, they just like a drink. Or 10…). If a pre-prepared hamper doesn’t have quite the personal touch you’re after, then why not hand pick a selection of your favourite products and make your own?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to beat you lot to the shops while everywhere is still fully stocked!

Kerryn Grady

The Season’s Best Designer Arrivals

for him


It can be a bit tricky to transition into the new season while the weather is still quite mild, but we’ve got you covered with the season’s best designer arrivals from Flannels. Light layers are key so look for fine knits and jackets that can be thrown on when there is a chill in the air as opposed to the heavier coats you will be wrapping up in as the dark nights draw in.

For Her

FENDI Orchid Fleece Sweatshirt £885

Dolce and Gabbana Illustration Print Skirt £875



Gucci Linea Bamboo Small Chain Bag £695

For Him

Gucci Cord Blazer £1350

Jacob Cohen Indigo Wash Jeans £285

PS BY PAUL SMITH Arrow Crew Knit Jumper £165 

FILLING PIECES Mid Top Premium Transformed Trainers £165 

Warehouse launches ‘Curated By’ Emma Willis Collection

It’s an exciting year for Warehouse as 2015 heralds the launch of a series of new projects, bringing with them a wealth of female talent responsible for setting the cultural landscape of the UK today.

Launching in-store and online from August will be ‘Curated By’ Emma Willis – a capsule of 12 outfits styled and edited by Emma Willis, bought to life in a series of model shots and a short film played out across the Warehouse channels.

Warehouse presents Curated By Emma Willis (launching Thursday 27th August 2015) (5)

On her love of Warehouse, Inspirational TV Presenter, Emma Willis comments, “My earliest memory of Warehouse is just that it was always there. It was one of those stores on the high street that you knew that if you went into it you would get something.”

Talking about her personal style, Emma Willis remarked, “My signature style is quite simple; I need to feel comfortable to feel confident.

Discussing her Curated by Emma Willis edit, “This is a collection for everyone. I think it fits into everyday life and is especially good for people who don’t necessarily have the time to spend an hour in the morning going ‘What am I going to wear today’. Three words to describe the collection would be: edited, effortless & necessary. My hero piece from the edit? I especially love the Victoriana shirt.  It’s kind of pretty but cool; a little bit sexy but simple.”

Warehouse presents Curated By Emma Willis (launching Thursday 27th August 2015) (6)

 Armed with her perfectly honed sense of style, Emma was given exclusive behind the scenes access to the AW 2015 Collection at Warehouse HQ to curate and style her favourite pieces. The collection comprises 12 edited outfits and accessories; each perfectly selected to answer the daily style tribulations of the Warehouse woman.

“We love Emma’s style; she captures the spirit of the smart modern Warehouse woman, so who better to collaborate with on a collection of her favourite pieces from our new range.” Paula Stewart, Brand Director at Warehouse.

This is the latest in a series of collaborations. First came ‘Women to Watch’, a unique mentoring concept matching established names, including the likes of Edith Bowman, with hot new talent such as TV presenter Lilah Parsons, to give personal experienced-based insight on how to cut it in the industry. Their story, in addition to the other mentors, is currently featured on Warehouse digital channels.

 Launching August 27th ’Curated by Emma Willis’ will be sold exclusively in Warehouse stores and online at

Warehouse presents Curated By Emma Willis (launching Thursday 27th August 2015) (9)

How did you approach the styling of the Warehouse collection?

I approached the collection with pieces that I could to wear together and pieces that would take me from day in to tonight.  I wanted an all-round collection and that is easy to team together.

Are you a risk taker when it comes to your look or do you trust in the classics?

I do love and trust in the classics.  I didn’t used to be a risk taker but as I get older I am so much happier to give new styles ago.  I love wearing a bit of colour now.

What’s the best outfit you’ve ever worn?

I loved my outfit last year at Glamour Woman of the Year Awards when I won an award.  It was a gorgeous yellow and white skirt (I think it was Roksanda Illinci)   and a white and green top.  I also loved my outfit at the NTA’s this year.

Who you do you look to for inspiration?

My stylist – she’s amazing.  I’ve been working with her for four years.  She knows how to push me to wear things out of my comfort zone…in the right way.

When it comes to your wardrobe – are you a chaotic dresser or super organised?

Chaotic – I am the cliché image of head in wardrobe flinging things over my head!  This is why my Warehouse collection is so great – it’s simple and easy to mix and match.

How does your style differ between work and play?

Work is dressier and more professional.  At home it’s all about being comfortable so, jumpsuits, jeans and leggings.