Known for his passion and commitment to the hairdressing industry, John Gillespie of John Gillespie Hairdressing has, after much research, developed a new brush, which is set to revolutionise the hairdressing world – for clients and stylists alike.

Designed for medium to long hair styles, the ARCONIC curved paddle brush is a new essential tool which helps assist hairdressers enhance their finished styles in the salon and offers clients the opportunity to create professional in-salon looks at home.

I’ve been growing my hair the last year or so and it’s now at a good length past my shoulders. My hair is quite thin but naturally wavy so I get a lot of frizz if I don’t blow dry it properly. This paddle brush is great for quickly drying your hair as the wide head allows more hair to move through the brush, drying large sections without it going frizzy. The slightly curved shape is designed to give more volume than a flat paddle brush would but I find that I still need to use my usual round hairbrush on the top layers to get the extra volume that I need at the roots. I love how lightweight it is and it glides through without getting tangled which is great (Rachel Evans)

Arconic Brush – RRP £19.99 – shop online