Going on holiday not only makes you feel great while you’re there – you reap the health benefits for months. And, for future holiday-makers a supercharged beach-side wellbeing experience is not far off the horizon.

True luxury is in the detail. This summer, say goodbye to those niggly beach bugbears as SIMBA Sleep reveals the ultimate restorative beach-side sanctuary – the world’s most advanced sun lounger at prestigious beach club, Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Europe’s leading high-tech sleep brand SIMBA has spent the past 7 months developing the SIMBA BLUE sun lounger, promising unrivalled comfort and an unparalleled sunbathing experience whilst taking care of your skin.

Analyzing consumer beachside behaviors across Europe, SIMBA Sleep Lab’s pioneering innovation soothes some of the superfluous niggles associated with current sun loungers, such as heaving beds around the beach, warm drinks, lousy wifi, securing valuables and keeping cool.

Featuring seamless motorized seat adjustment and 360-degree rotation, sunbathers can effortlessly follow or shelter themselves from the sun’s rays.

The design combines the brand’s pioneering mattress technology, featuring a unique fusion of 2,500 conical pocket springs and responsive memory foam layers, providing the ultimate comfort and support. Cutting-edge weather-resistant technical textiles wick away moisture and cooling ventilation channels have been installed to regulate temperature.

Gentle automatic adjustments recline the seat to a ‘zero g’ position; closely simulating weightlessness – easing pressure on the back and spine whilst dissolving strain from the extremities.

Armed with one of the latest weapons in sun care, the SIMBA BLUE houses revolutionary new Violet®Plus technology from the US to monitor UV and track Vitamin D. Tracking your exposure to sunlight during the day and broadcasting it to your mobile, the Violet® app monitors vitamin D levels, in addition to providing sun damage alerts and sunscreen reminders, based on the wearer’s precise skin type.

The physical surrounds of the SIMBA BLUE boast a solar powered phone charger, wifi hotspot, beverage cooler and ambient LED parasol system, which glows a sleep-inducing shade of amber on an evening.

For peace of mind, the advanced sun lounger also solves the age-old problem of where to store your valuables at the beach, featuring a built-in safe.

Topped off with an SPF50 aloe, rosewater and bamboo-enriched facial misting system in the SIMBA BLUE’s headrest. The formula is also infused with thermal spring water to hydrate the skin while leaving it shine-free.

SIMBA is also developing a bespoke app to have food and beverages delivered from bar to beach bed.

Designed between teams in London and Helsinki, with premium-grade materials sourced from France, Amsterdam, Belgium and Sweden, SIMBA promises that this is the ultimate sunbathing technology to relax, power down and stay safe in the sun.

James Cox, SIMBA Co-Founder said, “Your summer holiday is one of the most eagerly anticipated times of the year. It’s the perfect place to unwind and you probably plan on spending your well-earned break snoozing in the sunshine.”

“Sunlight, in moderation, does wonders for your health and a comfortable bed can make a big difference play a role in helping manage and reduce aches and pains. For a proper rest, the right mattress is the crucial element. You only want the best for your bed so we thought why not innovate and create best for your sunbed.”

Co- Founder Steve Reid added, “When to comes to a five-star experience on the beach, Blue Marlin Ibiza continues to set the bar globally. What better place to launch the SIMBA BLUE and our summer partnership with them.”

Jelle Oomes, Dutchman and owner of the prestigious beach club in Ibiza commented, “Before Blue Marlin, there was nothing like this on the island. We changed the way people can enjoy the sun with our luxury day beds. Like the team at SIMBA we have an eye for detail and installing Simba beach beds at the club will ensure our customers experience the very best as they rest and recuperate during our long, hot Ibiza summer”.

A calm environment can equal a calm mind. Studies have shown that holidays which include mediation practice have an added benefit to health. SIMBA’s resident sleep psychologist, Hope Bastine, has developed a downloadable sleep meditation – available at to help you relax whilst you’re on holiday.

 The SIMBA BLUE is available to preorder for a limited period, £45,000