“How should I style my hair for the summer?”, “What can I use to keep my hair and skin from drying out while I’m travelling?” These are questions that my team at The Legends Barbershop are often asked by our customers getting ready to escape the routine for the summer holiday they’ve been planning all year long.

We all want to make sure we look and feel our best on our vacations. Women are usually better at preparing ahead by adopting a holistic beauty holiday regime, whist men often allow for pampering. Male grooming though is equally essential, from moisturising and exfoliating to getting a short crop and trimmed beard.

So here are our top 5 grooming tips to help men refresh their holiday style and maintain it throughout the summer months.

  • Call in for a haircut a week before your departure. Avoid a last-minute appointment as you’d want your hair to settle into a style that you can work with. Ask your hairdresser for a low-maintenance summer hairdo that you’ll be able to easily care for, as well as for styling products that will enhance the quality of your hair.
  • Invest in facial hairstyling, by trimming your beard or getting a wet-shave. Summer holidays call for minimal fuss, so opt for a stubble if you’d rather not sport a clean shave throughout. This is definitely less likely to irritate and dry out your skin – not to mention a sexy touch!
  • Keep your hair nourished. Hot weather and dry climate spell havoc for our hair, which can end up looking dull and dehydrated. Whereas washing them daily is not ideal, a shampoo with nourishing oils and vitamins is essential to keep your scalp moisturised and the roots healthy. For styling that you can won’t take up too much time, we would recommend a strong hair gel which you can keep re-applying and is easily washed off.
  • Pack lightly and choose travel-sized products. A capsule wardrobe is a must when you travel; after you choose your outfits for the beach, day strolls and night outings, don’t forget your grooming products. Most now come in travel-size packs that you can also buy at the airport; a facewash for regular and deep cleansing, exfoliating gel and overnight moisturising mask will keep your skin smooth. A moisturising cream with high SPF will prevent your skin from drying out. Never leave your hotel room without your sunscreen which you must also apply on your head if it’s shaven.
  • Be adventurous with different styles that you wouldn’t normally explore during the winter months. A holiday offers the perfect excuse to wear laid-back clothing or try an alternative, spruced-up hairstyle.

By Darius Kravitz, Master Barber & Founder of The Legends Barbershop

About Darius Kravitz

Darius is Master Barber and Founder of The Legends Barbershop. With over 30 years of experience, Darius launched his first shop on Lambs Conduit Passage followed by a second shop in 2016 near The Strand. Their team of barbers keeps the craft bang up-to-date, with bespoke service that includes sharp styling and unique products. The Legends Barbershop is one of the few barbers in London who practice and teach the classic barbershop service.

Darius has been doing his job since he was 15 years old. For years, he watched the local barber creating sharp looks and styles for gents.  He trained in Amsterdam & Berlin. Three years later he was working as a barber full time, with a large customer base and earning more than his friends.
Being a skilled barber requires a combination of values. One needs to be passionate and have vision to understand and create the look clients want. Creativity also helps, as customers will come back for their barber’s unique touch. Finally, a steady hand is a must!