31st State is a new skin, body and haircare range inspired by California and designed especially for young men.

Stephanie Capuano, CEO and Founder of 31st State, was born and raised in California and now lives in London with her two teenage boys. She realised that there is a gap in the market for products that would help combat her teenage son’s hair, skin and body hang ups, and decided to create a product range for teens that would really work, taking inspiration from the Cali lifestyle.

Stephanie comments: 31st State was inspired by the beaches, deserts and forests of California. Where life just seems a little less complicated, a clean and effortless existence. A sense of not trying too hard that seems to come naturally to the guys who live there. We wanted to deliver that simplicity and possibility to guys everywhere.”

“Everyone struggles with bad skin or hair at some point so we created something that not only takes inspiration from nature but also use ingredients that really work. We want to help guys feel and look their best, so they can go out there and do their thing with one less element to worry about.”

The first range of products include:

2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash (£8.99). Created to help you feel clean and fresh all day long. Silver helps to fight spots and bacteria, working as an anti-inflammatory and acting as a natural disinfectant whilst Zinc works to control body odour and soothes the skin.

While we don’t have young men in our team, we thought that this range can also be used by girls/women who have acne-prone skin. The ingredients in this body wash are great for calming back and chest acne and preventing new spots from appearing on your skin. We think it’s a great product to have in your gym bag especially.


Roll on Deodorant (£5.99). Formulated with odour-fighting Zinc and antibacterial Silver to combat microbes that can cause body odour.

This deodorant doesn’t leave stains on the clothes and has a very fresh scent, which is not as strong as some other men’s deodorants, so we think that it’s perfectly good to be used by women as well. If you sweat a bit more, this deodorant will not disappoint you.


Foaming Face Wash (£12.99). Designed to thoroughly cleanse skin of dirt, oil and bacteria, helping to prevent blemishes and spots. Tea Tree releases into the skin slowly over a 12-hour period, reducing the likelihood of irritation and redness whilst antibacterial Manuka works to target spots by helping to get rid of oil.

This is a wonderful face wash for acne-prone skin, because it’s non-drying, so safe to be used every day. The formula includes Magnesium, Copper and Zinc to prevent breakouts and restore healthier looking skin.


Overnight Clearing Pads (£15.99). Designed to combat congested skin, helping to tackle existing spots and prevent future breakouts. Lactic Acid, Manuka and Tea Tree work to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and remove surface dirt and oil.

We tested this product on both face and body and it performed beautifully on both. The skin felt fresh and oil-free afterwords. For women, we recommend trying these Clearing Pads after you’ve worn makeup all day to deeply cleanse the skin, especially if it’s prone to spots.


Spot Control Gel (£12.99). The gel combines antibacterial Manuka with Tea Tree to help calm redness and irritation. It also contains witch hazel, renowned for its use in acne products because of its antiseptic, anti-irritant, antibacterial and potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Our absolute favourite product from the range. It worked like magic even after just one use to calm any breakouts. We recommend dotting this gel on your existing spots or even areas prone to breakouts before going to sleep, and we promise that you will wake up with a better looking skin.


Easy Hold Styling Gel (£6.99). Fuelled by Tamanu and Shea to give a natural hold and definition without stickiness, keeping you looking your best. Tamanu Oil is helps the hair shine and gives natural UV protection.



Style and Shape Putty (£8.99). Created to give texture, definition and subtle hold, with a clean matt finish. To ensure hair is protected naturally from UV rays, Tamanu Oil is combined with hydrating Shea Butter to keep hair looking thick and shiny all day long.



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