Darryl’s Favourite Winter Lipsticks




My favourite winter lipsticks

Winter is definitely here, which is a perfect reason to change your wardrobe, why not your makeup too? One of my favourite looks is a porcelain skin with a beautiful warm lip colour. Think, Dita Von Teese mixed up with Snow White.

So, I have had the delight of shopping for some new winter lipsticks, to warm up those cold nights and be super mistletoe kissable!

Bobbi Brown ‘Crimson’

So I used this lipstick on my most recent fashion shoot. Being rich and dark, I was shocked to see how versatile it could be. This lipstick looked super chic on a sophisticated bride, but then quite fun and playful for our grungy punk rock themed shoot. Use how you wish, it will look great either way. And come on, it’s Bobbi Brown, ’nuff said.

MAC ‘Roxo’

The most luxurious red with a satin sheen. This was my favourite lip colour that I used on a bride this summer. The most luxurious deep wine red to finish off her Spanish señorita bridal look. Seriously… In love.

MAC lip liner in ‘Currant’

 Don’t ever underestimate the power of a lip liner. I dare to wear this purple berry shade when I need a boost of confidence. If your lips are dry, add a little vaseline to add moisture and keep the lip colour looking fresh.

Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Colour in ‘Frisky Business’

If I am looking for a lipstick that will just complete my natural makeup, this colour is so natural and lovely to wear. It’s kind on the lips and doesn’t dry my lips out in this cold weather. If you’re looking for a stronger lip colour – but you’re not a big fan of reds – check out ‘Fling Thing’ by Benefit. A darker shade that’s more pink than red, this lippy is so pretty. I also love the shape of the lipstick bullet itself, it’s not overly large, and is flat on both sides. Which makes it super easy to apply and will give a great finish. Can I just add as well, I really love the packaging here. Packaging doesn’t usually sway me too much, as long as it’s not cheap and tinny, I’m good. But the ribbed cream casing with fluted lid is just so pretty and has an air of old Hollywood glamour. Not to mention the ornate pearlised green and gold box it comes in…. Just divine!

Darryl Quinn

Top 5 money saving tips for the Beauty Addict

In need for some money saving tips?

If you’re running out of mascara, or your mascara is going dry, stand it in a cup of warm water to loosen up the product and make it usable again.

Running out if shaving cream is NO excuse to go Eu Natural! Conditioner and moisturiser are great substitutes, and it leaves a nice silky finish too.

When your lipstick has been used all the way to the bottom, use a clean cotton bud to scoop out the very last bit, you’ll be amazed how much more there is to use.

Sheer out foundation with a little moisturiser, making your product go a lot further.

If your nail varnish is going gloopy, carefully add a couple of drops of nail varnish remover to thin out the consistency.

Darryl Quinn

Know your beauty ABC’s

Grab a pen and paper and listen up class, today we’re swatting up on our beauty basics! Pop Quiz – do you know your BB’s from your CC’s?

BB creams –  you will be no stranger to the ever popular Beauty Balm, a trend originating from Asia. Efficient and gentle, the BB
cream will give you a moisturiser, primer, SPF and foundation all in one go. If you are a “less is more” kinda gal, this is the product for you.

CC creams – taking the next step in the fast paced business of beauty, CC stands for Colour Correction. With the promise of delivering all that a BB cream does, CC creams provide extra vitamin C to brighten dark spots, balance out red undertones and conceal blemishes.

Look out for…

Benefit’s ‘Big Easy’ – for light to medium coverage. I love how this “bigger than BB” cream has a powdered finish once applied – two products in one! It’s also easy to reapply during the day. I would certainly want to take this product away on holiday with me.

Mac’s range of CC creams. For a girl with uneven skin tone, “Adjust” was the CC cream for me. I was very impressed with the coverage of dark pigmentation under my eyes, and redness in my cheeks.

Arbonne’s CC cream. With a choice of 4 shades, this colour correcteur is lower in SPF than most of the CC creams that I have used, which I love, because I know I won’t get flashback in pictures. Arbonne gives a full coverage look without the feel of a foundation.

And if that’s not enough, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming DD creams!


Beauty Review / Benefit ‘Hoola’

Sunshine in a box! Since this product arrived on my doorstep, its literally come with me everywhere I go, and have been a must in my makeup kit this wedding season. This is THE perfect bronzer for the more fair skinned. With no glitter or muddy undertones Hoola gives the most natural sun kissed glow. The product is easy to blend, so creating an evening look with that bit more still gives a flawless finish.

What I love about the packaging is that it’s so durable (not easily cracked) complete with applicator and mirror. So feel free to take Hoola in your workbag, or in your clutch, because you won’t want to be seen without it!