If you are suffering from clogged pores and/or acne, one of the reasons could be that the face cream that you’re using is the culprit. Lots of skincare products contain oils that might be excellent for dry skin, but if your skin is combination, oily or even normal, you might want to look into gel moisturisers, which are water based and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Gel moisturisers have lots of hydration power, so they can now be used all year round, not just in summer. Here’s a selection of our favourites to add to your skincare routine.


Sothys Hydra 3Ha Hydrating Gel-Cream (50ml, £45.00, available at select spas across the UK)  contains a patented natural extract from a wild Boletus mushroom, which activates the genes responsible for the management of the skins water resources helping the skin to regulate and maintain its own moisture content to maximum efficiency. Coupled with high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, this gel-cream is perfect for dehydrated normal or combination skin. If you are after a lightweight yet deeply hydrating moisturiser with luxe ingredients, you will love it. Try using with Sothys Hydra 3Ha Intensive Hydrating Serum for maximum effect.

Skin79 Aragospa Aqua Gel Cream  (90ml, £25.90, lookfantastic.com)  features a revitalising, creamy formula that imbues skin with instant freshness and hydration with Aragonite Thermal Water sourced from Jeju Island (known as the Hawaii of Asia). This gel cream from a cult Korean brand Skin79 ensures long lasting water retention, while natural extracts of Vitamin-C rich Neem Tree help support collagen synthesis to smooth the look of fine lines and imperfections. The formula is hypoallergenic, perfect for dry and combination skin types.


HEALGEL Face (50ml, £48, Net-A-Porter) targets the visible signs of ageing for a firmer, smoother, replenished complexion. A triple phase hyaluronic acid complex provides an instant firming and plumping effect. The formula of this gel moisturiser is lightweight, has a cooling effect and is lightly fragranced. Created by a world-renowned team of cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons together with a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning dermatological bio-chemist, HEALGEL’s Face will work on any skin type.



Proto-col Moisturising Facial Gel (50ml, £21.95, proto-col.com) has a feather light texture, which absorbs into the skin effortlessly, supporting your skin against all elements of life.  With over 20 amino acids and vitamins, this moisturising facial gel combines these forces to reduce the appearance of fine lines and promote fresh, smooth skin and releases hydration throughout the day.



Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion (40ml, £22, Boots) ensures optimum moisturising and a long lasting matte effect. The skin drinks in its natural moisturising factors, and the product fixes the moisture (a sugar derivative that acts like a micro-sponge) and tones the skin with apricot oil. Embryolisse Hydra-Mat Emulsion absorbs excess sebum and reduces shininess as well as penetrates the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and matte all day long.




Skin Revivals Age-Defying Hydro Creme-Gel (50ml, £14, beautynaturals.com )is an ultra-light, luscious creme gel melts away on your skin and provides intense hydration and lasting comfort. The cocktail of replenishing ingredients includes extracts of pomegranate and aloe vera to help revitalise and soothe redness. Also bursting with sodium hyaluronate which acts as a sponge for dry skin cells, moisturising with up to 1,000 times its weight in water, resulting in a supple and plumped up skin.


Exuviance Age Reverse HydraFirm  (50ml, £59.50, facethefuture.co.uk) is a luxurious moisturiser that targets all visible signs of ageing leaving your skin smoother, firmer, brighter and more hydrated. Key Ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, NeoGlucosamine, Prodew and Peptides. Hyaluronic Acid instantly quenches dryness. Prodew infuses skin with amino acid building blocks restoring deep reservoirs of youthful plumping moisture. NeoGlucosamine and Peptides boost collagen. Apply daily in the evening for a youthful and plumped complexion.


Dead Sea Spa Magik Oil-Free Facial Gel (50ml, £17.95, Holland & Barrett) is designed specifically to provide superior sun protection without causing breakouts. Perfect to use on your face, this satin soft gel has an incredibly lightweight, smooth texture that leaves a flawless, matte finish allowing the skin to breathe. Ideal to use under makeup, SunSafe Oil-Free Gel is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, water resistant and perfect for all skin types.

Natralus Ultra Skin Repair Pure Hydrating Gel (75ml, £12.95, avernaco.com) is a hydrating and healing gel that can be used to nourish and repair extremely dry skin, wind burn, minor burns and skin rashes. Combining the healing benefits of Paw Paw (Papaya) with cooling Aloe Vera and soothing Vitamin E, this gel from Nastralus, Australian skincare brand, soothes and restores the appearance of dry, damaged skin and is alcohol, fragrance, colour and paraben free.


Top image: Topshop