Skinny Caffe is a health & wellbeing company promoting healthy, active and balanced lifestyle, offering a variety of products including Skinny Coffee, Zero Calorie Skinny Syrup and more. The company promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle and suggests enjoying their products as a part of it.

I got to try their Original Skinny Coffee (£24.95 for a one month program) and I was sceptical at first, because I don’t believe in ‘magical drinks’ that will make you lose weight, so I appreciate the fact that Skinny Caffe doesn’t claim that their products will make you lose weight no matter what. If you want to eat fast food every day, no amount of Skinny Coffee will help you – it’s just not how it works (check out Skinny Caffe’s free nutrition and training guide).

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t eating the best diet when I was drinking Skinny Coffee, so I didn’t lose weight, but it helped me so much with bloating. After a few days of drinking it, I noticed a huge difference, which I was really excited about.

Skinny Coffee includes ingredients, such as Acai berry (helps aid digestion, muscle performance), Goji berry (reduces stress levels, eliminates toxins), L Carnitine (enhances fat metabolisation) and more to help you with your weight loss journey.

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Words by Jurga Skeiryte