What is it? Neighbourhood is a late bar and eatery.

Where is it? 62 Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 7LQ.

I have to be honest straight away – when I saw that another restaurant is opening at 62 Castle st, I was a bit sceptical because over the years I’ve seen a couple of them open and close short after. The building seemed to be cursed, but all the doubts that I had disappeared once I went in for the first time and saw how gorgeous and busy the place was.

I brought my partner and our toddler son to have brunch at Neighbourhood, and even though it’s not exactly a family place, we felt welcomed by the friendly staff and our son really enjoyed climbing up and down the stairs as well as the food there. I absolutely loved the interior at Neighbourhood – it’s very colourful and ‘instagrammable’. We actually shot a fashion editorial for our September issue there last week, which turned out incredible. Stay tuned!

We started off with some lattes that arrived in bespoke cups and saucers with the letter ‘N’ on them, which I think is a very nice touch. We were presented with the menus with several mouth-watering brunch options, including Full English, Pancakes and Eggs. I live for avocados with smoked salmon, so that was what I went for. The meal came with some scrambled eggs and toasted sourdough (£12.50). My partner likes to sample Full English wherever we go for breakfast, so that was what his chose (£13.50). We also got some extra toast for our son Lukas, which I don’t think was on the menu, but the staff were kind enough to accommodate our request.

Both of our portions were generous and the meals were delicious, although sometimes I wish that restaurants would have more adventurous brunch menus, but maybe it’s just me being too picky. There’s also an option to have Bottomless Brunch for £30pp if you are in the mood for bottomless cocktails, Prosecco or soft drinks.

To finish off our brunch, I decided to sample one of the cocktails. It was rather hard to choose as there were so many options available. I sampled the Strawberry Shortcake cocktail, which was nice and sweet, like a dessert in a glass.

All in all, we had a lovely Saturday morning at Neighbourhood. It’s definitely not the cheapest place to eat, but I feel like you also pay for more than just the food. The service was immaculate and it was an absolute pleasure to be surrounded by the beautiful interior and welcoming atmosphere.

My score: 4.5 out of 5

Jurga Skeiryte