Know your beauty ABC’s

Grab a pen and paper and listen up class, today we’re swatting up on our beauty basics! Pop Quiz – do you know your BB’s from your CC’s?

BB creams –  you will be no stranger to the ever popular Beauty Balm, a trend originating from Asia. Efficient and gentle, the BB
cream will give you a moisturiser, primer, SPF and foundation all in one go. If you are a “less is more” kinda gal, this is the product for you.

CC creams – taking the next step in the fast paced business of beauty, CC stands for Colour Correction. With the promise of delivering all that a BB cream does, CC creams provide extra vitamin C to brighten dark spots, balance out red undertones and conceal blemishes.

Look out for…

Benefit’s ‘Big Easy’ – for light to medium coverage. I love how this “bigger than BB” cream has a powdered finish once applied – two products in one! It’s also easy to reapply during the day. I would certainly want to take this product away on holiday with me.

Mac’s range of CC creams. For a girl with uneven skin tone, “Adjust” was the CC cream for me. I was very impressed with the coverage of dark pigmentation under my eyes, and redness in my cheeks.

Arbonne’s CC cream. With a choice of 4 shades, this colour correcteur is lower in SPF than most of the CC creams that I have used, which I love, because I know I won’t get flashback in pictures. Arbonne gives a full coverage look without the feel of a foundation.

And if that’s not enough, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming DD creams!


Beauty Spotlight

Shu Uemura was founded over 50 years ago by a world renowned, supremely creative Japanese artist Mr Shu Uemura. Inspired by the spirit and creativity of professional artists, he set about to make a range of makeup that would fit with working artists and their needs. The brand is very well loved amongst professional artists and it was this love that propelled the brand forward and into the consumer’s (that’s you!) makeup bag.

It would take a 10,000 word essay for me to go through every product I love about this range so I am going to concentrate on my absolute favourites. Narrowing it down is a task in itself.

Cleansing Oils

These are the absolute buzz of the moment. Every range from high street to high end is doing some kind of oil for the skin. However, beauty oils have been the must have of cultures for centuries. Ancient Romans documented the use of oils in their bath houses as their preferred method of cleansing the skin. Many ancient and current  African tribes use oils for cleansing and to protect their delicate hair from the heat. Shu Uemura have been developing, researching and creating cleansing oils since 1967. They have long been a staple of the range as the brand understands how important good skincare is to good makeup application. In fact, the mantra of the line is “beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin” and these oils really do deliver. I personally use the A/O Cleansing Oil which is their best selling skin oil. It’s an anti-oxidant oil which is perfect for me as I live in a busy city centre with masses of pollution. The Green Tea extract in this oil really leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

There is an oil formulated for every skin type too. From oily skin (which oils are particularly amazing for as they stop your natural oils from over producing) right through to young, acne prone skin. They start at £30 and last forever. You need a tiny pump applied to damp skin. To remove you can rinse or wipe away with a warm muslin cloth.

Eyelashes and Lash Service

This is a bit special. Shu’s eyelashes are a cult classic. The craftsmanship of them is unparalleled as is the choice of the creative options available. What sets this brand apart is the service they offer when you purchase your lashes from them. The gorgeous staff at the counter in the Beauty Bazaar will not only apply them for you right there and then, but you can come back throughout the weeks, months ahead (that’s how long they last if you take care of them!) and have them re-applied by a professional artist for free. Lashes start from £12.

Eye Shadows

I do not know one artist who doesn’t have Shu Uemura’s eye shadows in their kit. They have over 90 shades, textures and finishes to choose from and you can even create your perfect custom shadow palette’s that fit snugly into your hand bag.

Why are they so good? Simply because of their pigment. Pigment is the single ingredient that means you get the colour you see in the pan when you apply it to your lid. So, lots of companies have good pigment, I hear you say. Yes, they do, but Shu’s are far superior (go to the counter and test them out, it’s worth it!) and they are not only the same size as Mac’s but they are also £2 cheaper. Yep, cheaper and better quality than the eye shadow everyone loves. It seems to be a product that makeup artists love to keep to themselves, which is why I told you it was the best kept secret in Liverpool. Shadows start from £11 plus £10 for a custom palette and the entire beautiful range is available from Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool One. You can also have your makeup done by one of their incredible artists from £30 which is redeemable against products! Bargain. Now should I get the blue feather lashes or the pink…?