Unicorn makeup trend has been going strong for quite a while now. So many brands have come out with unicorn beauty products, from brushes to lipsticks and everything in between. And what’s not to love about pretty pastels, glitter, holographic packaging and rainbows?

Technic is fast becoming one of my favourite brands. Their products are super affordable, highly pigmented and simply work. Needless to say, I was more than excited to test their Prism range, which consists of different highlighters, lip glosses, eyeshadow creams and a makeup bag.

Let’s start with Rainbow Highlighter (from £3.33 on Amazon). This one is actually my favourite from the whole range. I’m madly in love with Technic’s Get Gorgeous Highlighter and this Rainbow Highlighter has a very similar formulation and texture. It’s highly pigmented so a little goes a long way, but it blends so easily and just adds a natural highlight to my face when used with a large fan brush, or if I’m in a mood for a truly blinding look, I’ll use a small and dense highlighter brush. I cannot recommend this product enough!

from left: Fairy Sparkle Dust, Cosmic Cotton Candy, Solar Sister, Goddess of the Galaxy

Princess Powder (£7) comes in a sleek black box and has a mirror, which is always a plus for me. There are four shades in this highlighter palette: two light ones and two bronze shades. The powders are baked so the texture is creamy and they last long. All colours are more on the sheer side and quite glittery, however, if you use a wet brush to apply them, you can achieve a much stronger finish.



from left: Star Light, Shine Bright

Unicorn Cream (Shine Bright £6, Star Light £5) is a long lasting and long wearing strobe cream created with a special iridescent pigment for the maximum glow. I love how it gives the body a gorgeous shine – it’s perfect for festivals or warm summer nights!   This Unicorn Cream comes it two shades (bronze and blush) and can also be worn under or on top of foundation on the high points of your face as a highlighter.

from left: Flash, Supernova Sparkle

Unicorn Horns (Flash £3, Supernova Sparkle £4) is a very subtle yet effective highlighter, which comes in two iridescent shades. This highlighter looks gorgeous on collarbones and shoulders and is easy to apply. If you want to add some sparkle to your face, I would recommend applying the product with fingers, because if you use it directly on the face it might move your foundation or any makeup underneath.

from left: Kiss My Sparkle, Ariel 4 Eric, Aurora

Galactic Glosses are beautiful high shine glosses available in three pastel shades: Kiss My Sparkles (£3), Ariel 4 Eric (£3) and Aurora (£3.99). As all of the products in the Prism range, these glosses are made with special iridescent pigment, so they are great if you want to add some sparkle to your lips. I think that Aurora is the least wearable of the three, because it has an electric blue tint to it and is more pigmented than the other shades, but it would work well if you are after a festival look. Both Kiss My Sparkle and Ariel 4 Eric are more sheer and look gorgeous on a rose lipstick or on their own.

from left: Celestial, Etherial

Starry Eyes eyeshadow creams come in two shades: Celestial (£3) and Etherial (£3). On their own they are both rather sheer, but look incredible applied on top of other eyeshadows. I would advise to apply them carefully on top of powder eyeshadows, because they tend to move them around, but when I tried them on an cream shadow stick applied on my lips, both shades performed beautifully and enhanced the look with a beautiful shimmer. These eyeshadow creams are also long lasting and hardwearing.

If you need a makeup bag to keep all of your Prism range products, this is it! This  extremely shiny, croc-effect makeup bag (£7.99) is very spacious and great for travelling.

Words by Jurga Skeiryte