Thinning hair can be unavoidable, but using products with certain ingredients can help to rebuild your hair from the cuticle and add some body back into your hair.  Look out for hair masks and conditioners that have protein as this will work to rebuild each strand of hair and give a thicker appearance with more volume.

Dean Jones, Owner of Dean Jones Hairdressing

Avoid sleeping on a pillowcase made from rough fabric, instead opt for a silk finish. This will cause less damage to your hair when sleeping as there is less friction and less breakage.

Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing

Avoid tying your hair with tight hair bands and try to avoid pulling your hair back firmly into clips. Wearing your hair tied into a loose low bun will be more gentle on your hair, causing less damage, and your hair will appear thicker.

Andrew Collinge, Celebrity Hairdresser and Owner of CO by Andrew Collinge

As a Trichologist, I would always advise avoiding over treating your hair and over styling. It is important to understand the stress and trauma your hair is facing as it thins, using too many treatments to try and thicken your hair can sometimes have the opposite effect. Always be gentle when you are washing and brushing your hair too.

Will Fleeson, Owner of Rainbow Room International Buchanan Street

If you are experiencing hair thinning, it is always good to avoid colouring your hair an extremely different shade to your natural colour. Adding some deep, rich shades that are close to your natural colour can make your hair look thicker, however adding too many very light or very dark tones can showcase your thin hair.

Philip Bell, Artistic Director at ISHOKA Hair and Beauty

If your hair is thinning, I would recommend styling it a bit messier, and curl rather than straighten it. Adding texture and volume when styling can disguise your fine hair, whereas if you wear it smooth and sleek your hair will appear more thin.

Suzie McGill, Schwarzkopf UK Ambassador, Scottish Hairdresser of the Year and Owner of Rainbow Room International Uddingston

Try not to let too much time go past before you visit your hair salon for a trim. Thin hair with dead or split ends can look sparse and unflattering. Make sure you have your ends regularly trimmed and use heated styling tools as little as possible.

Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa