Woodlands Beauty Clinic is giving its clients a well needed boost this month with the launch of its new tailored IV Treatments.

Boasting several notable health and aesthetic benefits, the Aigburth Road based business (Liverpool) has teamed up with industry-leader IntraVita to offer the service, which has seen increased demand since its origin in 2014.

The intravenous treatment can be used to treat an array of concerns including low energy, stress and illness.

Director of Woodlands Beauty Clinic Alison Stananought said: “IV Treatments first became popular in the USA before moving to the UK, with a number of high-profile celebrities praising the treatment for its notable boosters. Following on from its surge in popularity, we have noticed that more and more outlets are now offering IV infusions, which is why we think it is so important to ensure that the treatment you are undertaking is the best for you.

“Here at Woodlands Beauty Clinic, we offer an exclusively crafted concoction of ingredients, which are personally tailored to each unique client and can offer a range of benefits such as increased energy, relaxation and even anti-ageing properties. We are partnered with supplier IntraVita, which is the market leader in the UK for IVNT, and unlike many of its competitors, its products do not contain preservatives with its focus on nutrient supplementation rather than quick and easy solutions.”

At Woodlands Beauty Clinic, each treatment is administered and monitored by the salon’s in-house medical nurse, Christine Blackburn, and each treatment is individually tailored to its customers’ needs. The South Liverpool based clinic offers a range of IV Treatments including Athlete/Sport IV, B12 Booster, Diet & Detox and Antioxidant to name a few.

Alison added: “Intravenous Therapy can sometimes feel daunting to our clients who may not have tried it before, however here at Woodlands Beauty Clinic, the experience is stress-free, relaxing and is designed to help deliver nutrients as efficiently and effectively as possible.

“Following a thorough consultation with Christine, we will create a ‘recipe’ that’s just as unique as you are. During your appointment, we will also recommend a course of treatments that will benefit you best and provide ongoing support and advice throughout the duration.”

Sessions range in price from £90-£250 and Woodlands Beauty Clinic recommends a course of treatments for best results. A free consultation is available.

For more information about Woodlands Beauty Clinic visit www.woodlandsbeauty.co.uk